Topstylist - salon owner since 1/1/2002 - former Redken Artist - has been an Educator / Trainer at Redken - experience as a 'hairdressing teacher' at Summa College - trained nationally and internationally - Redken Color Specialist - Highlight Specialist - Great Lengths Specialist - Redken Retail Specialist - Barber Cuts - Teambuilder - Approved & Certified Training Company level 4 - loves concerts, to go out for dinner & drinks and sports as compensation ;-)

Wed - Thu - Fri - Sat (every other week)


Topstylist - since 2003 at UwKapper - Allround Specialist - passion for cutting and working with a razor - Barber Cuts - trained nationally and internationally - Great Lengths Specialist - loves metamorphoses - super creative - colorspecialist - make-up artist - proud mother of Sjors and Mart, loves shopping and likes going into the woods with her 2 dogs

Tue - Fri


Allround Hairstyliste - since 2016 at UwKapper - Redken Retail Specialist - cutting and razoring specialist - has specialized in Barber Cuts even more - make-up artist - gained a lot of extra Redken knowledge also during lockdowns - our flying keep and angel in need - sings and dances and dances likes to do fun things with friends and family

Tue - Wed - Thu (every other week) - Fri - Sat


Allround Hairstylist - since 2016 at UwKapper - Redken Color Specialist - Highlight and Balayage Specialist - bobline specialist - make-up - make-up artist at Micky Jooren in Tilburg - Barber Cuts - Microblading Artist and Powder Brows Specialist (entrepreneur)

Thu - Fri - Sat


Trainee Level 4 - Summa student 'Salon Owner' - already up for a lot of our salontreatments - already in posession of cut and colour diploma - working really hard to learn all the skills needed to become a great hairdresser

Thu - Fri - Sat


Trainee Level 3 - 2nd year apprentice Allround Hairstylist - can already wash independently, use outgrowth coloring - takes care of you during your visit to our salon - likes to go shopping, she likes to work in the kitchen and bake something tasty and do fun things with friends

Tue (every other week) - Sat (every other week)


Trainee Level 3 - Zoë is our newest colleague - second year at Summa College to become an Allround Hairstylist - at the moment she is developing her salon skills and she will be increasingly allowed to perform her skills

Tue (every other week) - Wed (flying keep) Sat (every other week)