3 new beauty professionals within UwKapper!

You read that correctly: in 2019, 3 independent beauty experts were added to our premises.

In March Daniëlle started her salon BY EDEN ARTISTRY. She specializes in make-up and epilation of eyebrows (also with strings!), waxing and coloring. Do you also want your eyebrows to be in perfect shape and color? Come and meet Danielle !!

Later this Spring Alisha started her salon ALISHA BROWDESIGN. She specializes in making eyebrows beautiful in another way, namely Microblading. This is the latest technology within the semi-permanent make-up. For more info please ask for Alisha.

In December Edmée from EB SKINCARE started her beauty salon specializing in skin improvement. You can go to her for a diversity of treatments, you can find more information on her website www.ebskincare.nl and you can also make your appointment here ONLINE.


EB SKINCARE starting December 4th!

As of December 4, 2019, Edmée Bastiaens of EB Skincare has settled within the premises of UwKapper. She specializes in skin improvement and is very excited to be part of our total beauty concept salon. Edmée has been active as an enterprising beautician in Riemst (B) for several years and saw her chance to open her second salon in Eindhoven. On her website you can find all information regarding the treatments she offers and the products that are used. You can also book your appointment with Edmée ONLINE. For Eindhoven, choose at 'team' for: Edmée Eindhoven. Check her website: www.ebskincare.nl or call: 06-50990111.



More good news !! Our own Alisha has specialized in microblading and opened her ALISHA BROWDESIGN salon last Spring. Microblading is the latest technology in the field of semi-permanent make-up. With microblading the perfect natural eyebrow can be created. Each hair is individually drawn with a microblading blade and the right color pigment is chosen for your natural eyebrow hair, for the most natural result. It looks at the shape of the face and the own hair growth direction is followed. Do you also want to experience this technique of semi-permanent eyebrows? Contact Alisha, she can be reached at +31 6 39887877. View her work on Insta: alishabrowdesign or check her website www.alishabrowdesign.com


UWKAPPER now offers you the BROWBAR !!! New beauty cooperation per March 2019!

Yesssss!!! We have some good news! As of March Daniëlle started with her salon 'By Eden Artistry'. She specializes in make-up and in perfecting eyebrows. She does this by plucking eyebrows with strings, to wax and to dye (she also uses henna dye). She has gained years of experience as a make-up artist at the MAC brand and has worked as a brow specialist in the first Browbar in Belgium (Antwerp). For questions or more info about her work, visit www.byeden.nl, here you can also link to FB and Insta: byedenofficial. You can reach Daniëlle on +31 6 13360085.